Strategic Management and Organisational Development

27 May to 7 June
6 May to 17 May

The strategic management programme is crafted to ensure that our delegates gain essential skills that will make them better routed in the world of business at global scale. The delegates will be in a position to transfer and apply knowledge gained on this programme into their own organisations, thereby providing return on investment for attending this training. Participants in this training programme will be introduced to a structured series of activities designed to help achieve organizational coherence within the system and the effective alignment of activities and structures for the common purpose of improving educational processes and outcomes.

This program will always improve the practical understanding of our delegates thereby making them better decision makers by each day.

Target Audience: 
  • Board Members
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Junior Management
  • Supervisors
Course Outcomes: 
  • Value the concepts of strategic management while applying them to your own organization
  • Gain effective use and applicability of knowledge management in  a way that benefits your subordinates
  • Gain key skills  relevant to your workplace in the areas of public financial management and project management
  • Understand how to improve service delivery in the most effective manner
  • Value the importance of performance management organizational performance improvement.
  • Understand the procedures followed in organizational development from a managerial perspective