Improve Your Human Resource Management with Business Training Courses

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The most valuable resource for any business is its workforce. Being able to strategically and professionally manage your human resources is a vital aspect of good business. The African Training Institute’s Strategic Human Resources Management professional short course is a great way to learn or build on this vital skill set.

Why ‘strategic’ human resources management?

We all know Human Resources as the department within the workplace which keeps track of employees and all their information. They know who works at the company, who’s resigning, and what sort of people the company is looking to hire. Their job is to know and manage the human resources, or employees, of the company. This is why learning to perform this role strategically is a vital aspect of successful business.

This course in strategic human resources management equips you with the skills and abilities to align your human resource decision making with business strategy and performance. Beyond just helping you to choose the best suited employees for your workforce, you will also learn about designing work systems that allow employees to contribute to your company’s performance, as well as establishing effective staffing and compensation systems to attract and retain a talented workforce.

Who is it for?

The Strategic Human Resources Management course is aimed at human resources practitioners and managers, divisional heads and top management. Aside from these, anybody with an interest in human resources or any involvement in this area will benefit from this course. Even senior directors and managers who would like to brush up on their human resources skills in order to oversee and understand their human resources department better will stand to gain from what we offer in this course.

When is the course running?

At present, this course is set to run from 19 February to 02 March 2018, in Pretoria.

Contact us at the African Training Institute for any further information on this course and its dates, times and costs. We also have a range of other courses available, so have a look and see if there is anything else which may interest you. Broaden your mind!