Why choose the African Training Institute (ATI)

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The African Training Institute was established to provide training in the form of professional short courses to organisations across Africa. The world is in need of individuals who are trained in skills that will not only further their careers but allow the workforce to grow stronger.

We take pride in providing our trainings in an effort to ensure that each working individual is contributing to the economy and the betterment of the world at large. Here are a few reasons you should choose us to provide you and your workforce with the skills needed to get the job done right:

Courses available for multiple sectors

Our consultancy services and capacity building services are available for multiple sectors you can think of. We have a broad spectrum of expertise. African Training Institute are the training providers to meet all your needs.

Whether you do work involved with mining, economics, banking, procurement, finance, project management, marketing, media or tourism, the African Training Institute have it all. Our programmes are beneficial to anyone who needs to improve on job performance for effective results.

Widely accredited

The African Training Institute has been accredited by and/or is a member of:

The Southern African Association for the Conferencing Industry

South African Quality Institute

Services SETA Accreditation

Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority in South Africa (LGSETA) Accreditation

Workshops and courses held year-round

Workshops and training courses are available all year. If you miss the beginning of a course there will be one available soon after. There are no last chances with another course on its way in no time.

Training centres located across Africa

Though mainly based in Pretoria, South Africa, the African Training Institute has satellite centres in all of South Africa’s major cities from workshops in Pretoria to short courses in Durban and Capetown. We even provide international training in:




Victoria Falls



Contact us to book your spot in one of our training courses, and visit our blog to read more about what the African Training Institute can do for you.