Digital and Social Media Law

1 June to 12 June
Kigali -Rwanda
15 June to 26 June

Digital and Social Medial Law training workshop deals with the principles and concepts with regards to the implications and the legal risks associated with the use and persona and business application digital and social media. In recent times and developments, the use of Social media for both personal and business consumption has become one of the most prevalent form of communication

The use of the social media has made some media personalities shot to prominence, created socialites and promoted some business to become competitive global brands, such is the power of Social Media. Also at the same time social media have destroyed reputational damages causing giants to fall by the wayside leading to a variety of lawsuits within the social and the business community

ATI Training Digital and Social Medial Law Workshop consider both theoretical and practical skills required by our delegates in order to mitigate the inherent risks of social media, such as cyber bulling, reputational damage, character assassinations, threats to property including intellectual, commercial interest and unfair competition

Target Audience: 

The course is designed to cut across the requirements of Business Executives, Marketing and Sales Personnel, Crisis and Communication Managers, Prosecutors, Public Sector Lawyers and Public Sector, Digital and Information and Technology (IT) Managers, including Brand Ambassadors

Course Outcomes: 
  • Understand the development in the ease of adoption of social media platforms in the institutionalized environment
  • Demonstrate strong understanding of the principles and the operation of t law, privacy law in the use of digital platforms
  • Understand and appreciate the implications of rules and regulations in the use of social media
  • Effectively evaluate theoretical and practical communicate approaches to different groups of people
  •  Understand various ideas, concepts, strategies and courses of action with regards to digital and social law
  • Understand the prevalence of specialized knowledge developments in digital and social media law
  • Apply personal, business, institutional and government transactions and situations in the modern world
  • Understand the future development sand growth of Digital and Social Media technologies