Diplomacy and Protocol

Kigali -Rwanda
18 October to 29 October
4 October to 15 October

Diplomacy and Protocol involves engagements and dealings between countries or corporate organizations and countries with extremely high stakes and the margins for rifts and errors are catastrophic and endanger the objectives at hand, if not properly dealt with. Diplomatic Protocol becomes an art of ensuring official (and unofficial) occasions, visits, meetings and functions are planned and conducted in accordance with a set of rules that are formally, socially and culturally accepted and expected by the parties involved.

This is used as a tool for the mutual communication in order to minimize the possibility of diplomatic blunders in professional areas, such in the world of large multinational Organisations, therefore thorough knowledge of protocol is an indispensable skill for the proper handling of VIPs and for safeguarding the country and organisational reputation.

In this workshop, ATI attempts to deepen delegates understanding of diplomacy and how they can drive power image projections, observing protocol in pursuit of excellence and self-branding, whilst putting less effort and heightening performance and tackling the multifaceted challenges thereto.

Target Audience: 

The course is designed for National government officials, International organisations staff, Head of Political Organisations, Diplomatic and government protocol officers, Public Relations consultants, meeting and special events professionals, Business Executives and Managers, international and regional organizations staff, NGO staff, Entrepreneurs, Interpreters and those who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge of international diplomacy and protocol

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:


  • Understand the science and art of National, International diplomacy, Corporate Diplomacy and Protocol behavior
  • Create a self-conscious environment where one gets aware of the role and responsibilities in a ceremonious setup
  • Master the Art and Science of maintaining composure and reducing anxiety when dealing with VIPs
  • Foster and facilitate relationships amongst various guests drawing confidents and trust from the crowd
  • Generate safe and conducive environments for the initiation and fostering of lasting relations between countries or organisations and countries.
  • Equip oneself to ensure everything appears effortless and unplanned when in fact every movement is trained, planned and practiced
  • Build confidence when meeting VIP’s, enhanced professional image and the ability to work in cross-cultural environments