Drafting Legal Documents

22 June to 3 July

The drafting of legal documents landscape is ever changing. Individuals and organisations alike have become extremely aware of the dangers presented with fault legal documents. Methodologies and models that have worked in the past may now be hampering organisational performance which requires conducive legal environments, supported by reliable legal documents. There is however, greater need to apply the legal principles underlying drafting legal documents, which are clear and unambiguous.

In this training workshop, ATI aims to focus on the process and principles of drafting commercial legal documents such Partnership Deeds, Commercial Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding among other corporate documents. These include identifying the objectives of the organization, obtaining factual and legal information needed to draft a good document, organizing designs and dividing the document, and issues of language and style.

Target Audience: 

The training is designed to equip Lawyers, Attorneys, Company Secretaries, Legal Corporate Teams, Board of Directors, Legal Officers and other Legal staff involved in the preparation and handling of legal matters and documentation

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this training workshop, the delegates should be able to:

  • Identify key issues, the meaning of deeds, contracts annual company reports and other legal documents
  • Know how to draft model legal documents, deeds, and how to prepare annual reports for companies or organisations
  • Apply the contemporary principles of legal drafting and be guided by the same principles in the discharge of legal duties
  • Understand the drafter’s roles and responsibilities, informing policy-makers how complex the detailed form is likely to be and how it could be drafted in a simpler form
  • Use plain language as one key issue which can help to improve clarity in drafting legal documents in an organization
  • Understand the six legal issues to address when negotiating business deals and drafting legal contracts
  • Negotiate which governing law or system and dispute resolution clauses in international commercial contracts