Electronic Records Management

18 October to 29 October

Electronic technology has greatly expanded the methods of creating, editing, maintaining, transmitting and retrieving information. Much of this electronic information is a record because it is used in the organisation to make decisions, and as such must be managed as a record.  Electronic Records Management systems provide the functionality needed to enable organisation and their records managers to adhere to specific standards and guidelines.

Controlling the lifecycle of records requires knowledge of the retention assigned to the record or its components. Therefore any approach to the management of records must incorporate accepted standards of functionality to adequately preserve the “official” record as certifiably authentic. The issue involving the authenticity of electronic records has, throughout all along, primarily revolved around the capability of the media to restrict changes in the original document, hence ATI have developed this ERM Training Program which provides a system with version control mechanism capabilities for both Integrated Document Management System (IDMS) and Records Information Management (RIM) software.

Target Audience: 

The Electronic Records Management (ERM) training workshop is designed for Business Managers, IT Managers, Compliance Officers, Archivists, Librarians, Risk Managers, Records Managers and Information Managers, as well as for solution providers, IT and Sales consultants, Project managers, and technical staff.

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:

  • Understand business classification scheme, controlled vocabularies and leverage content analytics and metadata how to automate management of electronic records 
  • Plan defensible and secure retention and disposition of electronic records system for an organisation that is identify, capture, classify, and transfer/dispose electronic records
  • Define  business and system requirements for a new ERM program and get a framework for implementing a new ERM program and solution
  • Develop a governance procedure and operating model for continuous improvements records management system
  • Address new and emerging issues for records management, including email management and social media records