Energy Management and Sustainable Development

Kigali -Rwanda
4 July to 15 July

This introductory course in the program discipline will begin by clearly defining what sustainability management is and determining if a sustainable economy is actually feasible. Participants will learn to connect environmental protection to organizational management by exploring the technical, financial, managerial, and political challenges of effectively managing a sustainable environment and economy. This course is taught in a case-based format and will seek to help participants learn the basics of energy management environmental policy and sustainability economics.

Sustainability management matters because we only have one planet, and we must learn how to manage our organizations in a way that ensures that the health of our planet can be maintained and bettered. This course is designed to give more knowledge to participants in the field of energy and sustainability management. It is a practical course organized around the core concepts of sustainability.

Course Outcomes: 

This course is aimed at professionals with energy management responsibilities and want a practical analysis to the subject. It will be suitable for delegates coming from a wide variety of fields including procurement, facilities management, electricity, mining, finance and sustainability.