Financial Management for Donor Funded Projects

12 July to 23 July
4 October to 15 October
1 November to 12 November

 In the course of the project world, we have learnt or experienced several projects that get abandoned prior to their completion. In most cases, this is due to misuse of funds, fraud or generally lacking knowledge of managing donor funds. Communities intended to benefit from such projects continue to suffer whereas funds for their wellbeing have already been disbursed. Knowledge of financial principles and procedures in line with legislation and ethical issues are the panacea to the financial mismanagement problems    associated with donor funded projects. This program is tailor made to further enhance the knowledge of individuals involved in managing or handling of finances of various donor funded projects. Reference will be made to some of the donors such as World Bank, AfDB, BADEA, ADB, IDB, UNDP,GIZ, etcCourse Outcomes: 

Target Audience: 

Target Audience: 

  • Project Managers
  • Project Finance personnel
  • Project Procurement personnel
  • Project Administrative Personnel
  • Any other officers involved in project works
Course Outcomes: 

Learning Outcomes Participants will be able to: 

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge required in preparation of all financial statements for donor funded projects
  • Be acquainted to the financial guidelines used by various donors
  • Further knowledge on analysis and interpretation of financial statements
  • Effectively abide to the legal framework requirements in management of donor funded projects
  • Understand project formulation strategies from a financial perspective
  • Procedures followed in project identification and budgeting. 
  • Develop knowledge managing funds throughout the phases of a project
  • Understand procedures followed in financial monitoring and evaluation of donor funded projects. 
  • Know how to ensure that donor funds are used according to the stipulated standards