Fleet Management

12 March to 23 March

We have scanned the African Continent and brought together the collective wisdom and expertise of transportation professionals implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems across the Region. This information will prove helpful as you set out to plan, design, and deploy in your organisations

This program is designed to help you provide Fleet Management solutions that meet your organisational transportation needs.


The course will explore a variety of formats to communicate with participants at various levels within different organization and stakeholders:

• Interactions with experienced manager/transport officers or leaders explain in their own words how specific fleet technologies have benefited other organisations;

• Cross-Cutting techniques to examine various Fleet approaches that can be taken to meet organisational goals;

• Case Studies provided in-depth coverage of specific approaches taken in organisations and

• Implementation Guides serving as “how to” manuals to assist implementing Fleet Management Systems.

Target Audience: 

Ideally this course is suited, Line managers, Transport Logistics, Transport Foreman, Senior Drivers, Fleet Management, Distribution Supervisors and Staff dealing with Logistics


Course Outcomes: 

After the completion of this training, the participants will gain further knowledge on the following:


  • Understand the need to manage fleet as a way of managing resources
  • Apply the procedures and techniques needed for the effective management of a fleet
  • Understand the financial aspects of fleet management
  • Be acquainted to vehicle specifications and inventory systems
  • Fleet maintenance procedures
  • The balance scored card application in fleet management
  • Plan and implement effectively all activities related to fleet management and distribution.
  • Manage the organization, personnel, and operational requirements for a successful transportation/distribution department.