Integrated Water Resources Management

4 March to 15 March
Kigali -Rwanda
6 May to 17 May

Water is scarce resource. Economies are spending millions of dollars in managing water resources. Therefore there is need to effectively manage the resource. Understanding of the processes in hydrologic cycle that includes measurement, computation, estimation and determination in each area.  Water resources problems, the conception, planning and design of functional elements and facilities to control and utilize water, basic to all water management. 

Target Audience: 
  • Water Plant operators

Ø  Hydrologists

Ø  Water treatment engineers

Ø  Any other personnel involved in water management


Course Outcomes: 
  • To learn how to analyse and comprehend basic principle of water resources and its planning and management

Ø  To visualise systematic process on environmentally water resource management and sustainable water resource development. 

Ø  To launch the skilful techniques on application of IT for water resource planning and management