Leadership and Management Development

19 August to 30 August
Kigali -Rwanda
27 May to 7 June

The ATI Leadership Development Training is designed to expose participants to global trends and best practices in innovation, leadership development and entrepreneurship. The delegates will have an opportunity to interact with some of the most successful local, regional and global company leaders, from both in and around the African continent. There will be opportunities to explore leadership and secrets of success stories of the great organisations engaging with successful leaders from leading companies, developing mutually beneficial business and personal relationships that will endure beyond the programme completion date.

The delegates will be in a position to transfer and apply knowledge gained on this programme into their own organisations, thereby providing return on investment for attending this training. Participants in this training programme will be introduced to a structured series of activities designed to help achieve organizational coherence within the system and the effective alignment of activities and structures for the common purpose of improving educational processes and outcomes.

Leadership Development Training aims at enhancing leadership skills at an executive level, advancing strategic understanding in complex and uncertain global environment making better leadership decisions in organisation competing with agility within leadership context. This a high-level leadership in-depthand general management programme stretching think-tanks to challenging learning experience that  positively impact onindividual leadership careers and companies in a challenging global market.

" When you become a leader you give up the right to think about yourself ’’

Target Audience: 

Ideally this course is designed for executives and senior managers in both private and public sector organisations, or for those with the potential to be promoted to senior leadership positions.

The programme will be of particular interest to delegates working in the following sectors: financial services, national, provincial or local government, service, retail, technology, mining and manufacturing industries, and health, as well as education providers.

This is a must attend training programme, although most delegates will have already received extensive previous formal management and leadership development, potential delegates should be able to demonstrate relevant work experience, personal and professional achievements which will make them effective peer group contributors.

Course Outcomes: 

After the completion of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate leadershipgain in global exposure and perspectives on business trends and best practice from the best in the region, South Africa, the USA and China
  • Understand and develop new knowledge to help  stay ahead of the game in the face of ever leadership challenges
  • Sustainably develop local and international networks, relationships and have an opportunity to interact with leading companies and members of their leadership teams and academics in today’s world
  • Should be able to become energised and inspired and be able to inspire their organisations and subordinates to greater heights
  • Should be inspired and transformed in mind, heart and soul, and to develop positive values, attitudes, behaviours and have the courage required for success
  • Develop talent in organisation that will understand and have the skills to implement company-wide strategy and vision
  • Expose talent to leading executives in companies with a view to understand challenges and successes