Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Projects

22 June to 3 July

Countries face different epidemic dynamics, organisations and governments must respond in a timely and efficient manner to mitigate the impact of this disease. Places in which the infection is widespread among the general population, prevention efforts must continue while care and support are provided. These efforts culminate into Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV and AIDS projects as they focus not only on the people infected but also on the families and children affected by AIDS.

Only through increased efforts to mitigate the impact of the epidemic can people living with HIV/AIDS hope to continue leading productive lives for as long as possible and devastated communities may continue to function. Providing services for people living with HIV/AIDS, governments can hope to minimize the negative national and individual effects of HIV/AIDS.

Target Audience: 

The Programme is intended for policy-makers within ministries of health as well as other institutions and role players that have an impact on health; HIV, AIDS and TB control programme managers at all levels; international, national, regional and district TB/HIV and AIDS coordinators or members of coordinating bodies; and staff of development and technical agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), civil society and community-based organizations (CBOs) involved in supporting collaborative HIV Project activities.

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:

  • Understand concepts, methods, and tools for intensive and participatory monitoring of HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs.
  • Identify ways to overcome barriers to conducting effective program monitoring and evaluation of HIV and AIDS Project.
  • Identify key stakeholders in project monitoring and evaluation of HIV and AIDS programmes.
  • Select appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework indicators for measuring program inputs, outputs and outcomes.
  • Conduct HIV/AIDS program monitoring using appropriate methods and tools.