Public Relations and Organisation Reputation Management

Kigali -Rwanda
18 November to 29 November
Kigali -Rwanda
9 December to 20 December

It has become a truism that today more than ever reputations can be destroyed in an instant. But it is also true that fame and recognition are easier to gain now than ever before. So one key to managing reputation is to exploit organizational strengths as well as prevent vulnerabilities from turning into crises. As important as crisis management, issues management and risk management are, they are only subsets of reputation management, a growing field that is based on the principle that reputation is an asset that, like any other, must be managed in its entirety.

Organisations stand or fall on their reputation alone. In the public sector, it is a valuable but vulnerable asset. Taking charge of your organisation’s reputation, grasping the pressures at play and the ways to change perceptions of your organisation can often make the difference between being crisis-hit or highly regarded. Effective Reputation Management will give delegates the opportunity to challenge their perception of their own organisation’s reputation, and then consider how to develop and mould it. Built around a simple, clear model, and balancing theory and practice, this highly interactive workshop will give delegates the tips, tools and techniques to make a real difference to their organisations reputation.

Target Audience: 
  • Top management
  • Middle management
  • Junior management
  • Communication personnel
  • Public relations practitioners
  • Media Relations Personnel
Course Outcomes: 
  • How reputation can be measured and appraised.
  • How reputation conveys real benefits, and what those benefits are.
  • How reputation can be managed.
  • How knowledge of reputation management can help your career.
  • Identify the core components of reputation: accountability, transparency and innovation
  • Gain reputational theory and practice
  • Identify potential risks and their impacts
  • Create a strategy to improve your organisation’s reputation
  •  Analyze the perception in the mind of a consumer organization, which results from the accumulation of contacts maintained by the same;
  •  Analyze the importance to the company's reputation in a context of lack or limitation of information;
  •  Analyze the ability to create added value for the company's proper management of reputation;
  •  Analyze the importance of using reputation management as a strategic tool, because of its strong connection to the competitiveness of the organization.