Retail Banking and Branch Profitability

12 March to 23 March

Asset quality disasters, regulatory concerns and other survival issues have consumed the lives of many bankers as of late, leaving little time to pursue profitable strategic plans. Financial institutions must proactively chart a new course for retail banking.  Personal interaction with successful retailers in other industries can provide Branch Managers with the needed experience to guide their own. 

Given the unlikely event that margins will grow, replacing fee income lost as a result of regulatory changes for most banks is critical to future earnings growth.  Bank Managers need to be proactive in encouraging management to recruit customers that the bank lost to alternative financial services providers, such as check cashers and payday lenders.  In order to get these customers back, banks must offer a new suite of products and services, which includes cashing checks, money transfer, money orders, prepaid cards, reloadable cards, and fees to guarantee funds.

In the future, perhaps a cash advance fee at a bank can replace payday lending.  These services can be highly profitable, as evidence by the large number of alternative financial services providers in the market place. Retail banking is about the development of profitable customer relationships and the branch is still the best platform from which to achieve this strategic objective

Target Audience: 

The course is designed for representatives for, Heads of Retail Banking, Regional Managers, Banking Managers, Branch Managers, General Managers, Heads of Marketing & Marketing Managers, Alternative Distribution Managers, Strategic Planning Personnel, Operations Directors, Finance Analysts, officials involved directly Retail Banking, and Branch Profitability

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:

  • Understand how to formulate branch network strategy for generating higher profits, and calculate correctly the profitability of products, customers, segments and branches
  • Understand and provide a comprehensive review of modern branch network strategies and assess alternative profitable branch network marketing strategies
  • Explore how leading banks boost selling and upgrade credit risk management across their branch networks
  • Examine modern approaches to organising, planning, controlling branch networks and practise the use of a range of analytical methodologies key to branch success
  • Assess ways that delegates’ banks could upgrade their own approaches to branch network management in order to increase market shares, margins and profitability
  • Assess the performance of bank branches in the areas of income, expense, and profitability management