Transport and Logistics Management


Unlike in the old era where most organisations used to outsource fleet, in the modern world organisations are now cost conscious such that they now operate their own fleet. On that note there is need to know how to manage the fleet as well as arrange all the logistical requirements of the fleet.ATI has scanned the African Continent and brought together the collective wisdom and expertise of transportation professionals implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems across the Region. This information will prove helpful as you set out to plan, design, and deploy in your organisations. This program is designed to help you provide Fleet Management solutions that meet your organisational transportation needs.

Target Audience: 

Logistics personnel, transport managers, fleet management personnel among other well wishers within the transport and logistics sector.

Course Outcomes: 
  • Develop further knowledge on the most effective logistics tools to integrate in the organization
  • Gain skills and knowledge required to effectively manage their transport division
  • Understand transport planning and policy formulation
  • Know how to prevent loss in the transport sector
  • Understand various types of risk as well as ho to mitigate them