Treasury Management


Treasury Management, Financial Management and Human Capital Management is increasingly becoming the governance nerve centre of both private and public organisations everywhere in the modern day economies, and thus important for treasury and finance professionals to understand its role and responsibility. This ATI two week workshop is designed to provide an overview and enable participants who deal with Treasury activities on a daily basis to understand the environment in which Corporate Treasury, Finance and Human Capital Management operates.

Delegates by attending this workshop on treasury fundamentals, participants will be able to recognise Treasury; Finance and Human Resources jargons used in Business context understand the link between Treasury, Finance and Business Unit (Commercial) different ODs (Operating Department) s   and appreciate the key treasury-related issues arising in the corporate world. This workshop is a solid foundation and practical course for finance professionals that will cover an overally comprehensive detailed awareness of Treasury functions, activities and issues, which provides insights and practical tools to increase participant’s understanding of Corporate Treasury.

Target Audience: 

This course is aimed at Government Treasury Senior Managers who are overseeing Regional Government Revenue Offices, Human Resources and Personnel Management, Finance professionals (Accounting, Reporting), analysts, consultants, auditors, Chief Financial Officers and Finance heads overseeing treasury

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:

  • Provide a better understanding of corporate treasury functions to finance professionals working outside treasury or new to treasury department
  • Maintain a close liaison with the accounting officer and all managers and respond to changing needs for financial information and advice
  • Make a major contribution to the financial aspects of the strategic planning process and ensure that internal financial targets and budgets are fully consistent with the strategic plan and any associated agreement with Government
  • Work with confidence within the current government procurement regulatory environment, and understand the determinants and apply the procedures relevant to public procurement
  • Understand the role and management of inventories and storage in a supply management context.

Maintain HRM, Leadership systems, which comply with people management requirements and undertake personnel motivation