Whistle blower Protection and Information Management

22 June to 3 July

Organisations are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of ethical and legal conduct. The manner of conducting business is increasingly coming under scrutiny due to recent economic crimes that have taken place globally and locally. In order to enhance good corporate governance and transparency, Authorities need a mechanism to provide an avenue for raising concerns related to fraud, corruption or any other misconduct and to ensure that persons who disclose information relating to tax evasion, corruption or any other misconduct will be protected from retaliation and victimisation.

There is a strong need for a system where Revenue Authorities and stakeholders are rest assured that any misconduct, corrupt activity or wrong doing can be reported in a fearless manner. Whistleblowing is one such mechanism that encourages employees and taxpayers to raise serious concerns and, and promote integrity in the behaviour of the Authority’s employees

In order to understand the effectiveness of a whistle blowing mechanism, ATI is holding a training workshop to assess the means and effectiveness of the identity protection and management whistleblowing information

Target Audience: 

The course is designed for Management Personnel, Commissioners, Tax Specialists and Auditors among other public servants handling such matters and responsible for fighting corruption and Investigations

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:


  • Identify key issues that need to be handled in the Whistle blower protection system
  • Dealing with the reasons some observers of organizational misconduct choose to report tax abuse
  • Understanding different types of incentives for whistleblowers to risk their careers and reputations in the name of reporting wrongdoing
  • Implement Whistleblowing models in the organisation that ensures effectiveness of the system
  • Understand best practices in designing and implementing effective whistle blowing mechanisms
  • Institute Internal Audit of information resulting from whistleblower lending credibility to a whistle blowing programme