How You Benefit From Project Management Training

Project management is about more than just good business, it is about creating stress-free and optimised working environments. For businesses and managers dealing with large projects being able to handle projects and their challenges, and to do this well, is vital to both health and wealth. That is why the African Training Institute has invested in a range of project management professional short courses.

How training courses help you

A general understanding of best practice and effective strategies in project management is a valuable asset for anybody involved in management. Even if you are not involved in large-scale project management, knowing how to organise a team in order to bring a project to fruiting is invaluable.

A training course focused on this will help you to discover the methods and strategies involved in improving and maintaining communication, leadership and time management.


You cannot succeed in a project, or in any business venture at all, without good communication. Being able to communicate well with your team(s) is the key to knowing what they are doing, whether they understand their roles, and most importantly, what they are struggling with. By being able to identify areas of difficulty you can adjust plans and responsibilities to better suit your team members, and to help alleviate stress in the workplace. By learning how to listen to your team you gain the tools needed to properly work with them and to help them work better.

Time management

Projects are deadline-sensitive, especially in industries where clients need a product or service delivered by a certain date. In web design, for example, your client will likely have a set date by when they need their website to go live. Learning how to effectively manage your time and scheduling, and how to be adaptable in this, is key to making sure that your team has realistic deadlines that they can meet without stress so that you can deliver the product to your client on time and ease their stress.

Nothing makes a business look quite as bad as being unable to deliver on time. Sometimes it happens because you underestimate how much time you need for a project, but with quality training courses you will learn how to properly estimate your time requirements and limitations.

Leadership and Project Management Skills

Project Management boils down to good leadership and project management skills. Good project leadership will result in good project management. More often than not bad leadership isn’t a matter of you being bad at leading a project team, but rather just something that is missing in your project strategies and methods. That is why training courses are aimed at helping you to build good leadership skills, knowledge and insights that will quickly grow with your project experience. It’s not about telling you what to do, but rather how you can do it better and identify your own weaknesses and those of your team.

Contact the African Training Institute to find out about our courses on offer in project management. We are all about broadening Africa’s minds, and that is our offer to you.