The VISA application hustle is a thing of the past when visiting Rwanda. With all Africans either getting a VISA on arrival or not even requiring a VISA for some African countries, travelling to Kigali has never been this easy! Known as the Land of a Thousand Hills and rated as one of the cleanest cities in Africa and rated as one of the most business-friendly countries, Kigali boasts of sanity, friendly and well cultured people. Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, roughly in the centre of the country. It is characterised by numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. The city’s Caplaki Crafts Village has stalls selling traditional handicrafts, including woodcarvings and woven baskets. A visit to Kigali will be incomplete without a tour of the Lake Kivu in the northwest of the country, on the border with the DRC and close to the Volcanoes National Park, there you will find a beautiful stretch of unspoiled shoreline and calm water for swimming. Our delegates can always have a relaxation treaty in this refreshing environment.