Public Sector Financial Management

12 Março to 23 Março

There is an increasing focus on improving the quality of public Sector financial management around the globe, with many countries in both the developed and developing world making important and impressive achievements in strengthening public financial management and governance. Nonetheless, much still remains to be done. The public sector landscape is rapidly changing with an increasing emphasis on fiscal management and discipline, prioritisation of expenditure and value for money.

ATI hope this training workshop gives the insight into the scale and complexities of public sector financial management issues that often need to be addressed in developing countries and emerging economies. More importantly, it will show how some issues have been successfully overcome and the lessons learnt and it provides useful guidance for helping organisations to improve public financial management.

Key lessons include the need to be realistic about what can be achieved, and to set priorities and time scales. Sustainable public sector financial management requires strong leadership, a long-term commitment and momentum, effective partnership working and strong project management. There will be some early successes and it is important that these are communicated to facilitate long-lasting process and cultural change for sustainable public financial management.

Target Audience: 

The Programme is designed for accountants, auditors, Executive leadership and Public Sector Financial Management positions, including line management who deal with public funds to achieve organizational goals. Professionals in Accounting and Finance, Auditing and Financial Management, and Corporate Governance all need to attend this course.

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completing this workshop, the delegates should be able to:

  • Advance the concepts of Public Finance Management Regulations, Act (and the MFMA) and supporting conventions such as the Treasury Regulations
  • Understandingthe critical dimensions of public finance management system operations
  • Comprehend public sector financial analysis of government performance
  • Understand financial budgeting management and reporting
  • Understand the proper functioning of public sector financial management, accountability
  • Understand the key drivers for public sector financial management change and performance management